2019 - cinematographer on female horror anthology “Dark Whispers - Vol 1.” segment - “Watch Me”

2019 - 2nd Unit (Australia) “Hotel Mumbai” feature film directed by Anthony Maras

2018 - won 3x Gold ACS Awards for music videos “Odesza - Higher Ground”, “Peta & the Wolves - Equal Measure” and “Peta & the Wolves - Blind”

2017 - nominated for Best Cinematography at SASA Awards for ABC iView Series "Goober" & "Lost in Pronunciation"

2016 - shot ABC iView Series "Goober" & "Lost in Pronunciation"

2015 - cinematographer on horror anthology “A Night of Horror - Vol 1.” segment - “I am Undone”

2015 - shot SAFC funded My Best Friend Is Stuck On The Ceiling short film directed by Matt Vesely.

2014 - shot Danger 5: Season 2 for SBS, winning ACS bronze and silver awards.

2012 - won 2 ACS gold and silver for Deakin University TVC's, Andre Agassi shorts and Danger 5 television series

2012 - shot Lemon Tree Passage feature film. Directed by David Campbell. Starring Jessica Tovey, Pippa Black & Tim Phillipps.

2012 – won SASA Awards Jury Prize ‘Young Filmmaker of the Year’ in recognition of outstanding creative contributions.

2011 – shot the Jacob’s Creek Winery Andre Agassi series in Las Vegas with Cummins&Partners Melbourne.

2010 - shot seven-part TV series for SBS called 'Danger 5'. 

2010 – shot The Thing about Dolphins’ short film by Matt Vesely. The first film that was part of the SAFC FilmLab initiative.

2010 - shot Nick Matthews short film ‘Collision’, funded by the South Australian Film Commission, winning ‘Best Cinematography’ at Flickerfest 2012. (During this project Nick and I worked as joint DOP’s, with Nick mentoring me, while I shot and he directed.)

2009 - short horror film ‘Decayed’ by Josef Weber. Won Silver ACS (Australian Cinematographers’ Society) award for fictional drama shorts. Gold ACS Cliff Ellis Memorial Award, (member showing the most potential).